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Re: CF: Alternate proposal: MARK the power crystals

On Thu, 26 Aug 1999, Mark Wedel <> wrote:
> David Andrew Michael Noelle wrote:
> >     One thing we do have a consensus on is that mages, especially at low
> > levels, are significantly harder to play than warriors.
>  So I agree with whoevers suggestion that not using tags, but instead
> looking at the inventory for conflicting objects probably makes some
> more sense.
>  As I see it, there are two main problems:
> 1) regain sp/grace/hp can be time consuming/boring.
> 2) Characters with too many artifacts can unbalance the game.

Well, it looks like what we are heading for is:
1) Increase the regen rate for SP, because HP and grace can be regained
   much faster (one can pray to regain grace, and use a healing prayer
   to regain HP).  I am not sure if we really need something like a
   "resting" state that would increase the regen rate for everything
   but maybe this would be a good addition for low-level players who
   cannot heal easily.
2) Add some code that prevents the player from using too many powerful
   items, by making some artifacts incompatible with each other.  The
   code should apply to all artifacts and should not rely on specific
   tags on the objects, because there are too many quests with good
   artifacts.  So the tests for incompatibilities should be based on
   the attributes of the objects (protections, vulnerabilities,
   attacktype, magic and other enhancements).  Some archetypes such as
   the glowing crystals may have a special handling.

I hope that this is a good summary of the current ideas.

I would like to see some suggestions for the incompatibilities between
objects (weapons, armour, rings, amulets, ...).  Here are some ideas:
- weapons with attacktype "cold" and "fire"
- same for "poisoning" and "fire" (most poisons are degraded by heat)
- any weapon with more than two attacktypes that sees another weapon
  with two or more attacktypes
- rings or amulets that are attuned to opposite paths

Any other suggestions?  It could be nice to have some criteria based
on the total number of stat improvements, but I don't know how to
formulate that.


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