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Re: CF: Alternate proposal: MARK the power crystals

> I would like to see some suggestions for the incompatibilities between
> objects (weapons, armour, rings, amulets, ...).  Here are some ideas:
> - weapons with attacktype "cold" and "fire"
> - same for "poisoning" and "fire" (most poisons are degraded by heat)
> - any weapon with more than two attacktypes that sees another weapon
>   with two or more attacktypes
> - rings or amulets that are attuned to opposite paths
> Any other suggestions?  It could be nice to have some criteria based
> on the total number of stat improvements, but I don't know how to
> formulate that.

kill several birds with one, er... whatever.

 - characters already have space in their structs for effects
    of various types (e.g., immune to fire, vuln fire).

 -  objects can already have elemental properties (e.g., fire,

 - incremental immunity/vulnerability has been kicked around
    for quite some time -- if someone would sit down and write 
    it (unless we code in perl count me out :-).

 - incremantal burdon already exists (e.g., weight).

 - incremental adjustments to HP, SP regen alread exist
   (e.g., poison).


what if char classes have `tolerance' to various things.
the more you pick up of them the more they add together 
and stress the limits of your tolerance (pretty much 
like weight code).

you pick up something with whatever attack and get that
much more burdon on your tolerance for whatever the attack
is.  above some limit it interferes with your HP regen
because you're too hot (too cold, whatever).  basically
it means that if you're carrying 500 arrows of fire then
you're gonna be warm.  add a sword w/ fire attack and you'll
get pretty hot.  if you don't have high tolerance for heat
then you'll die of heatstroke -- or weaken your body at 
the least.  this helps avoid char's carrying attacks of
every type since they'd kill themselves with the combined
load on ther HP.

you might also have a tolerance for magic in general.  
magic users can afford to carry more magical junk because
it effects them less (higher tolerance); warriers can
carry less -- might effect their HP regen or make them
more vulnerable to magic because they're more stressed
out and less capable of controlling the things in the
first place.

this would allow us to tune the char's a bit more also.
if one characer class prefers a type of weapon (e.g., 
priests prefer blunt instruments, warriers can carry
just about anyting, ninja need speed) then put some
kind of "bluntness" or "priestlyness" on weapons.  the
priest carries a sharp object it reducts their HP 
regen (or whatever lowering your available tolerance
does to priests).

there are already limits on weapon improvement, simply
apply the same reasoning to carrying the stuff rather
than just improving it.

encumberance and lower SP regen w/ higher armour already
limit the ability of magic users to use high-class armour
or heavy weapons.


my theory for crystals is to have them recharge over time
by sucking mana out of whomever carries them.  you carry
too many and you'll simply never recharge yourself at all 
or recharge too slowly to manage in battle situations.
basically apply the rod recharging mechanism to the SP
quantity and the crystal becomes a funny sort of rod.

nice thing about this -- and the tolerance theory -- is
giving the player a tradeoff and letting them decide which 
side of it they prefer to be on.

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