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Re: CF: Re: Gods and spell paths

Doug wilder wrote:
 > I tried to use the gods as listed on so if i 
missed anything its because it wasn't listed. I tried to list everything we 

 > OK, so here is what we have:
 > Name       :To be determined
 > Enemy God  :Rugilli
 > Race       :Ice Creatures
 > Enemy Race :Fire Creatures(or as Dave put it consuming_fire_creatures)
 > Attack Type:Cold
 > Immunity   :Cold
 > Protected  :Physical, Cold, Magical
 > Vulnerable :Fire
 > Attuned    :Frost, ((Turning, Teleportation, Self) trying to reason
 >             a 2nd choice here need some help))

turning & alchemy -- if you're trying to make this the mirror
image of ruggilli.
Dave liked turning too..the problem with alchemy is its not a spell path its 
a spell.. i think it is listed under the transmutation spell path.
 > Repelled   :Fire, Wounding (chose Wounding because Rugilli has it
 >             as attuned)

makes it damn hard to get EP.  why not fire & healing instead?
don't know that ice heals itself very well.


 > Denied     : ? (detonation has been suggested)

fire might be obvious, but then casting fire around yourself
when you're vulnerable is enough hassle (ask any wraith :-).

i didn't list fire because Rugilli worshipers are not denied cold. i figure 
its fair that way.

how about teleportation: ice isn't about moving fast, just kinda
sits there.

 > Special    :reflect_missiles (i put this in because Ice is hard and
 >             resistant therefore would reflect, fire on the other
                hand consumes and excepts)(why does Rugilli have it?)

restriction for ruggilli: no armour, q.e.d., reflect missiles.

how about replacing the reflect missiles (doesn't seem to be a
restriction on armour here) with built in cold attack.

makes sense for both i guess...SUGGESTIONS ANYONE???

 > Avatar     :2x2, 500 hp(300 <), ac-7(2 >),wc3(=),dam50(10<),
 >             armor60(40>),speed.20
 >             LEGEND(< = Less Than Rugilli, > Greater Than,= = Equal to)
 >             Reason Behind: Ice is Slow, Hard and Resistant, Fire
 >             Is Fast, Consumes and excepts items into it)
 > Holy Servant:(this wasn't listed but Dave added this)
 >           Cold_dragon: Level 8, Hp80, ac5,wc7,dam15,spd0.07 armour0
 >           para_ice:    Level 6,Hp120,ac8,wc9,dam30,spd0.10,armour0

ruggilli has intermediate level where you get baby dragons -- rather
nice things BTW.  how about para_ice -> baby ice dragon -> ice dragon?

I'd like to see more avatars here.. sounds good

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