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CF: FTP server disk upgrade on 15-Jun-1999 1300 CST

The crossfire mirror at Real Time <>
will be down on 15-Jun-1999 1300 CST for approximately 3 hours while we 
upgrade the OS and install an additional 18Gb of disk space.

Poor timing with the release of 0.95.4 today. Sorry, Y2K issues and lack of
disk space are begging to be fixed.

Leaf, can you update the web site with this announcement? Thanks.

Bob Tanner <>       | Phone : (612)943-8700                | Fax   : (612)943-8500
Key fingerprint =  6C E9 51 4F D5 3E 4C 66 62 A9 10 E5 35 85 39 D9 

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