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Crossfire 0.95.4 released.

Crossfire 0.95.4 has been released. There are a lot of bug fixes as well as
some improvements/new features.  The complete changelog is at the end of
this file.

Files released for this version:

sums (bsd)  filename
05910   712 crossfire-0.95.4.arch.tar.bz2
33547   950 crossfire-0.95.4.arch.tar.gz
63733  2256 crossfire-0.95.4.maps.tar.bz2
26699  3244 crossfire-0.95.4.maps.tar.gz
12451  1658 crossfire-0.95.4.tar.bz2
28782  1951 crossfire-0.95.4.tar.gz
20274   217 crossfire-client-0.95.4.tar.gz

Sums (md5)
0dab7fa20a74594504334d8df6396641  crossfire-0.95.4.arch.tar.bz2
5159e05fcc7248cd724cc0f1aeb292ed  crossfire-0.95.4.arch.tar.gz
1e48f47ac4070834e534c7a05710bcb0  crossfire-0.95.4.maps.tar.bz2
6ae253db1e43bea3cf0d2212a4d9037f  crossfire-0.95.4.maps.tar.gz
d72990ad68bc39db4f4aaeace558a772  crossfire-0.95.4.tar.bz2
aba9e5a48a8dc34dc6b38b3577154af1  crossfire-0.95.4.tar.gz
220b110a73d879a67c2f49028bddeaee  crossfire-client-0.95.4.tar.gz

crossfire-client-0.95.4.tgz is the client distribution.  Many bugfixes, no
major improvements.

There is no sound file release for this version of the client - the
sound files are unchanged fro version 0.95.2.

crossfire-0.95.4.tar.{gz/bz2} contains the server code with prebuilt
archetype and image files.  Again, many bugfixes.

crossfire-0.95.4.arch.{gz/bz2} contains the unpacked archetype changes.
I am not sure what changes are here because the order of my directories
changed so the overall archetype file had the archs in a different order so
I could not do a diff.  In any case, if you are actually interested in this
area, getting updates via CVS probably makes a lot more sense since if
there were any changes, they were quite few.

crossfire-0.95.4-maps.tgz contains the maps.  Some bug fixes made,
a few new additions.  Like the archs above, getting updates via CVS
is probably the way to go.

FOR FIRST TIME USERS:  You will only need the appropriate server, map
and client file.  You do not need the arch file.

If you just want to play the game at some remote server, you need the client
and perhaps some version of the doc file.

If you are looking for a windows/NT client, look at:
for a file called (XXXX are numbers representing the version -
get the latest)

Crossfire is avaible on the following ftp sites

Primary: ( ( 

*** NOTE *** primary server has changed to pyrsonal, and this will likely
be the primary for quite a while to come.

Secondary: ( (

I uploaded this version to just - it should be on the
other ftp sites in a short time.

Mark Wedel

Server Changes:

Add better comment in config.h about the DM_MAIL option - msw.

Fixed and doc/playbook/ doc/spoiler/ so it works with
autoconf setup.

Updated to properly generated when needed - msw

doc/crossfire.doc: Updated with disease code notes, detector notes.

crossedit:  Fix in edit.c to ensure map objects (mainly is_floor objects)
are actually removed visually as well as from a pure object standpoint.

Change to save_throw_object:  If object is in players inventory and
is destroyed, send update to client.  This can happen when trying to
ignite something in the inventory with flint and steel - msw.

In apply_lighter, do more accurate check when seeing if the attempted
object was actually destroyed.  Also, cache the item name so that if
it is destroyed, we have a proper name to print out. - msw

fireborns changed to have Pow stat bonus instead of Wis
stat bonus.  --PeterM

Some problems in the random map code fixed: specificially,
  1)  fountains no longer attempted placement outside map
  2)  Ignore files/dirs named CVS when looking for styles.

I changed a few of the maps to have exits to random maps.
I made one random house in Scorn, one random exit in the Hall of Bones
to an undead maze, another exit to a random map in the hole SE of
Scorn, and one in the bottom of the Tower of the Stars. --PeterM

Update lib/ to create empty bookarch and temp.maps files as
part of install process. - msw

Change script so that by default, files will be put in
installdir/var/crossfire and installdir/share/crossfire instead of
just installdir/var and installdir/share.  This allows crossfire to be
installed more cleaning without it having its own top level directory.
Old installation behaviour can be gained by using --enable-old-layout when
running the configure script. - msw

Patch by Carsten Pluntke that fixes a problem with unique maps not being
properly reloaded after being swapped out (main.c) - msw

Fix so that when picking up objects from a container, the client gets
an update to remove the object display from the container (ie, if
you pick up all the gold coins from a container, the total in the players
inventory always got corrected, but the client still displayed some in the
container even if there should not be.)  The change is in c_object.c - msw

Check that hitter has a valid name before it attacks - fixes some
crashes (attack.c) - msw

Enhance lib/ to ignore CVS directories - msw.

Improve auto_apply functions so that it will create treasures (random_*
items) inside other objects.  There is still a limit in that it will only
look for these objects inside other top level objects - a random potion
inside a chest inside a monster will not be processed.  But that
should be a rare case, and nesting containers very deep has never been
well supported in the code.  The code affects is in the apply.c file. -msw

Add Xaw to start of libraries when linking crossedit - fixes focus problem.
File affected - msw

Fixed a bug in the "depletion on death" code.  The depletion
never had any stat removal specified.  --PeterM

Remove berzerk code/variable from player structure.  The code had
no effect - whatever functionality it once had has been removed in the
past. - msw

Add flag save information for FLAG_CLIENT_SENT that was otherwise
missing (loader.l).  This fixes the disappearing archetype bug - msw

Fixed buffering bug in lowlevel.c

Client Changes:

README updated to give better install directions - msw.

Add checks to xutil.c to verify we have a valid keysym before trying
to convert it to a string and print it out.  Before, this could result
in trying to print null strings, which would cause a crash - msw.

fix unbind and bind in xutil.c so they properly skip over leading spaces
- msw.

fix so make depend will pick up x11.c dependencies - msw.

Fix 'help command so that the draw info commands are formatted to fit 
on the default window width (player.c - msw).

Fix so that cwindow without options results in a message that an option
is needed instead of causing the program to crash (player.c - msw)

Update so that make install works again - msw

Updated gtk client with speedups in text handling and drawing. It should
now remain responsive during massive text updates on slower machines.
Prepared with a single define (XPM_SIZE) for 32x32 graphic tiles.