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CF: 0.95.4 map and god proposal

After having played the new version at for a couple
of weeks, I have small suggestion to make about one map.
The dragonquests are now fixed (thank you) so you cannot cheat with
dimension door anymore. And they are now a bit more challenging than
before. But the strange mountain map takes the fun out of them.
It's way too easy to have 2 of the most powerful spellbooks in the game.
Perhaps the reward in the strange mountain shouldbe changed. My suggestion
is to put meteor spellbook there, and make it a special item, that cannot
be gotten from stores. It's very powerful spell, and it wouldn't make
the dragonquests useless (well, You need the thunderfist for the bracers, 
but ...). Speed boot or perhaps x-ray helmet could be substituted for the
other spellbook.

An other thing I found a bit perculiar, is that god Mostrai doesn't have
any immunity, so holy posession is totally useless. Given that fire immunity
was a bit too powerful, perhaps immunity to fear or confusion could be
substituted, so holy posession would atleast do *something*.
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