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Re: CF: Alchemy Spoiler

Preston F. Crow on  wrote...
| > The bigger problem with alchemy is that it is much more player knowledge and
| >not character knowledge - a player can use all the recipes he learned while
| >playing a previous character.  It would be nice to somehow tie it more to the
| >character - recipes books of the like which if the player has, increases the
| >chances.  If this could be extended even more to allow map makers to create
| new
| >recipes, that would be even better.
| Make alchemy work like spells.  When you find a book with a formula, you learn
| the formula, and the book goes away.  We would need a command like:
| 	formula
| 		Displays all the alchemaic formulae that
| 		you have learned.
| Then alchemy could be done by:
| 	invoke alchemy of water of the wise
| So you have to tweak the spell based on what you want to create.
| If you just did `invoke alchemy` without specifying the target, or if you
| didn't have the formula for the target, it would work as it does now if
| no formula matches the ingredients.
| Perhaps if you discover an interesting random formula, it should be added to
| your list of known formulas.
Maybe instead of needing to memorise the formula, you need to have the
book of that alchemy at hand (in inventory).

The book should remain, but must be ``on hand'' to get all the
incantations and proceedures right.  I mean did you melt the lead then
add the mercury before the rose? Or was it the other way around!

Alchemists never really remembered the formula, they is why they wrote
it down!!!!!

Spell books on the other hand was to allow the training of apprentices,
or as a sale item so should dissappear after learning.

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