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Re: CF: Alchemy Spoiler

Anthony Thyssen wrote:

> Maybe instead of needing to memorise the formula, you need to have the
> book of that alchemy at hand (in inventory).
> The book should remain, but must be ``on hand'' to get all the
> incantations and proceedures right.  I mean did you melt the lead then
> add the mercury before the rose? Or was it the other way around!

 This is a reasonable idea, but as Peter brought up, creates problems with
partial formulas are revealed and player has to put them together.

 The player vs character knowledge also comes in other areas - all
keywords/match phrases - an experience player knows what to say and where to say
it to get the magical goodies, even if that character never found it.  I don't
see a good fix for that unless you also create a table or something with all
possibly needed matches.  For example, an experience tower can get into the
tower in navar city (the one behind the mage shops) without that character
having done any of the prequests.  In some sense, I don't know if that is a big
problem - if you put things like special keys, the player will still know where
to go to get that information, and still bypass a lot of the work.

 Perhaps some of hte problem is the alchemy formulas seem to be too rare in that
it takes multiple characters to really find complete formulas.

 Note however than in the 96.x releases, I forsee redoing spells from a
predefined array to invisible objects in the players inventory which contain
basically the spell effect (you read the spellbook, and the appropriate
knowledge object goes into your inventory.)  I guess the same could be done
pretty easily with alchemy, but doesn't really help with the problem or partial

> Alchemists never really remembered the formula, they is why they wrote
> it down!!!!!
> Spell books on the other hand was to allow the training of apprentices,
> or as a sale item so should dissappear after learning.

 Spell books are definately magical in nature.  Note that many games do require
the character to have a copy of spell on hand for at least some point after
learning the spell.  But in reality, that would be too many spellbooks in
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