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RE: Classes and Races, was Re: CF: Alternate proposal: MARK the power crystals

On Wed, 8 Sep 1999, dragonm wrote:

> I hate to continue harping on another game, but again, I'm reminded of
> EverQuest.  One of EverQuest's greatest attractions to me was the ability to
> play as an Ogre.  I've been wanting to do that for nearly a decade, and it
> was a lot of fun.  I'm also reminded of Dungeon Keeper.  Am I the only one
> who found entertaining the ability to walk around as one of the dungeon
> creatures, gleefully bashing on heroes?  Role playing in Dungeon Keeper was
> about zilch, but an RPG COULD be done that provided ramps for not just
> humans playing as the traditional humanoid races, but the traditional
> "monster" races as well.  Crossfire's wraith and quetzalcoatl lead me to
> believe this idea has merit.  After all, we're already part way there.  :)

Actually I like this idea. I played Dungeon Keeper, and although many aspects
of it sucks (to me), what kept me hooked on it was the fact that for the first
time, *I* get to be the "other side". I've always liked to play the "monster's
role", just because it gives me a whole other perspective of things.

About the existing wraith/quetzalcoatl race/class, I think that things could
be improved. For example, we should have different starting maps for these
classes, that fit them better. For example, a wraith may start in an undead
town or something, and a beholder (which would be an extremely interesting
class to play if it's done) might start in some "beholder town" with items and
stuff that befits beholders. After all, why would a human shopkeeper regard a
wraith customer just as any other customer? Also, starting maps can be
tailored for each of these special "monster" classes that add some "monster
culture". This may actually add to the re-playability of the game, since it
would be a very different experience playing a "monster" class rather than a
humanoid class.


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