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It lives! (22Jun00 server 0.95.6 on SuSE 6.4)

I have installed the official June 22 release of crossfire-0.95.6 and
client 0.95.4 under SuSE Linux 6.4, and they seem to be basically
functioning okay at this point. There were a couple of points I ran 
into during installation, and I have a question on the use of the LOG() 
macro in the client.

 1) "Crossfire 0.95.6" consists of a number of .tar.gz/bz2 files which 
    need to be 'tar'ed into a directory structure. I was unable to find 
    any document giving a hint as to how the source hierarchy should be 
    set up for proper installation. Can somepone point me at this?

    I would up putting everything in /usr/src, but then had to copy the 
    maps over to /var/games/crossfire manually. Should these have been 
    put somewhere so that server 'make install' would put them in place?

 2) In a couple of places (INSTALL, client README) the instructions say 
    to run make with no arguments. At least on my system, 'make all' was

 3) Client 'make all' runs ', whose first line reads


    At least on my system perl is in /usr/bin. Added a symbolic link and
    we were off and running again.

 4) Client 'make depend' generated a lot of messages about 'stddef.h' 
    like the following:

     /usr/X11R6/bin/makedepend: warning:  anim.c (reading 
        /usr/include/stdio.h, line 38): cann ot find include file 

    My system's copy of stdio.h does references this file, but it's not 
    in /usr/include.  I finally decided to ignore these, and the 
    compiles did not generate any errors.

 5) The client seems to spend a lot of time spewing messages such as:

        Received query.  Input state now 1

    out to stderr via LOG() macro. Can/should these be suppressed? 
    If so, how?

 6) Client startup produces the following messages:

    Could not open ~/.crossfire/keys, trying to load global bindings
    Warning: could not convert keysym F28 into keycode, ignoring
    Warning: could not convert keysym F34 into keycode, ignoring

    ...BUT... it created the missing file on exit. Thanks.

 7) Client startup shows the following message:

        Differing S->C version numbers (1022,1023)
        Playing on server type  Crossfire Server

    Should I be concerned about this mismatch?

Feedback will be appreciated. This was my first install, so there may be
things which are obvious ot most of you that I completely missed.

Frank McKenney

Frank McKenney, McKenney Associates
Richmond, Virginia / (804) 320-4887