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Re: [CF:1372] new feature...

too bad the server doesn't seem to save the setting... at least not in

Mark Wedel wrote:

>  Use the 'usekeys command to change the behaviour to the old behaviour.
> Kimmo Hoikka wrote:
> >
> > I just tested the new 0.95.6 version of crossfire and noticed a really
> > annoying feature in it. The key rings no longer work properly, the keys
> > only get stored there and dont open doors automatically. Using the
> > windows client this really makes playing hard if you are in a rush and
> > want to get out from a place with a special key. The windows client's
> > small windows (keys, pouch, etc) are really unusable and slow. One other
> > annoying thing is this vibrating information. Can it be turned off? I
> > myself never open normal doors and as normal keys get picked up beeing
> > so light, you always have them and get screen full on useless text when
> > going through doors. Example below:
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