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Bug in 0.95.6: 'drop n whatever reports "Nothing to drop"

Over the last day or so I completely(?)  removed all traces of CF 0.95.x
(other than the tar files) from my Linux system, re-loaded the 0.95.6
client, server, and maps files, re-configured, and re-installed, This 
time I installed as a normal user, as opposed to my initial installation
of 0.95.6 which was done as 'root'.

Recreation:  I create a new character ('Dave the human'), enable
scrolling, and try to drop one of some object I have multiple copies of.
For example, if I have 23 silver coins, I enter:

    'drop 1 silver          and the system responds with
    Nothing to drop

Is anyone else seeing this problem?

Not only is this frequently inconvenient, I would _swear_ that it was 
working correctly the first time I installed CF 0.95.6. There is, as 
with all "bugs", the chance I didn't clear out _something_ that I should
have, so here are the steps I followed:

    Note: On both installs, I set --prefix=/var/games/crossfire

  - Exit client
  - Kill currently running server
  - su root
    cd /var/games
    rm -R crossfire
    rm /usr/local/bin/cf*
    cd /usr/src
    rm -R maps  (had a copy sitting there)
    rm -R crossfire-*
    rm -R sounds
    rm /tmp/cf*
  - Exiting 'su', back as 'frank'
    mv .crossfire old2.crossfire  (just in case)

This _looked_ like it ought to have removed all traces of my previous
installation.  Is there anything else I might have overlooked in my

    server: SuSE Linux 6.4, 486DX4-100, 32 Mb RAM
    client: same machine (X11 client)
    Crossfire 0.95.6 public release.

Tried to report this to 'bugzilla', but it's not aware of 0.95.6 yet.


Frank McKenney, McKenney Associates
Richmond, Virginia / (804) 320-4887