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Re: CF: Web Page Moved...

On Fri, Mar 12, 1999 at 03:34:31PM -0600, Rick Tanner wrote:
> The Crossfire site I have been working has moved to:
I took a peek, and there some kind of problem with NS4.5 under Linux.
The text "Select an area..." is mixed with the "Please contact...", that
is they are on top of each other. It probably due to the fact I'm using
my own set of fonts and overriding ALL fontsettings there are and have
18 pt. fonts. (it looked OK with smaller fonts and allowing all
I think this is because you are using static sized tabled, which NOT the
way to do it, widthwise it's usually OK but not heightwise.

except for this problem I think the site looks really good, it has a
nice mood to it (not nice as in coosy...). But I think that little
button is slightly disturbing (not to much though).

> I know, that month went by fast ;)

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