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CF: various nitpicks

I have several nitpicky issues with the client interface (X11, not
GTK, if it makes a difference) and the server:

I'm doing some alchemy, and I wanted to bind a key to do the entire
procedure so I can repeat it.  I can do "`bind invoke
alchemy;apply;get" to do most of it, but I can't figure out how to
drop a specific number of a given item.  (I don't seem to be able to
get the drop command to work at all, let alone specify a number of
items--there's no help on that command.)  Also, I don't seem to be
able to use apply to close the cauldron--it wants to apply the
contents instead, and I can't specify the cauldron by name since I
don't have it in my inventory.

It seems that the search-items command isn't working fully, or isn't
searching against the same text that I see when viewing the object in
the "You see" window.  The example you get when entering the command
by itself, for example, doesn't work.  Also, there is no help text
when you do `help search-items.  (Try doing a "`search-items +2" on a
stack of rings to get some of the better ones; it doesn't work now.)
[Personally, I would like to have it use a regular expression library,
at least optionally, to let you search on multiple things, or
something like that.  Probably what would be really nice is a general
item searching mode that allows arbitrarily-complex searching,
auto-identification (using applicable skills) and such, with a speed
penalty depending on the complexity of the search.  Hence, if you
search for bolts that weigh less than 1.0, then your speed would drop
far more than just searching for bolts.]

There's a bug in container weight display: If you have an active
container and you drop it (dumping the contents), your total weight
drops, but the weight displayed for that container doesn't.

There are still a few bugs related to pickup and dropping of items.
I've noticed when doing repeated alchemy that often picking up the
items out of the cauldron leaves the client confused, thinking that
they're still in the cauldron (when they merge with identical items in
my inventory).  I think I've seen this in other cases when dropping

I would like to be able to mark items in my inventory as "invisible."
For example, my lockpicks.  Or perhaps my flint&steel/torches,
provided I can bind a key to use them (though I usually use dark

Some items that could merge don't.  For example, demon's heads.  Also,
identical documents, such as "practicum of Fendris."  Sure, merging
them would require doing a comparison on the full text of the
document, but I don't see that as a huge problem very often.

I would like to see tome/grimore/manual/treatise be used to reflect
the level of the spell, instead of randomly.  Same for priest spells,
of course.

It would be nice to have some store inventory filters.  Mostly, I just
want to be able to have it never tell me about spell books for spells
that I already know.  I might also like to turn off categories of
items that I never buy (like wands).

I don't seem to have any way of dispelling a marking rune.  This makes
me very hesitant to use them in my apartment to label my item stacks.

Maybe I just have the syntax wrong, but I don't seem to be able to use
the create missile spell to create bolts instead of arrows.

I would like to see more specialized containers: scroll case, alchemy
bag (for body parts, stones, etc.), food container (with auto access
for eating).

Well, that's enough for now.  Hopefully the true bugs will get fixed.
I'll be happy if the other ideas make it as far as a to-do list.

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