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CF: Damage (bug?) in client 0.95.2

>>>>> "Christian" == Christian Stieber <> writes:

    Christian> That's no good :-) Someone has reported this to me as
    Christian> well. I checked his playerfile and his damage was +140, so I
    Christian> assumed that the problem is one of the zillion client
    Christian> problems. Looks like somebody used a signed char for damage
    Christian> or some such (_very_ bad idea since damage goes up beyond
    Christian> 255).

Checked this out.  The file client.h defines damage as sint8, but the
living.h file for the server says sint16.  Don't ask me what negative
damage means - do I lose hp if I hit a monster? :-).

Maybe the client and server should have the same include file? - no need
for duplication of info, and (minor, but irritating) problems like these
will go away.

Anyway, changing the sint8 to sint16 worked fine for me.

R. Balasubramanian.
Our sincerest laughter \ With some pain is fraught;
Our sweetest songs \ are those that tell of saddest thought. -Shelley
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