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RE: [TCLUG:5411] Display adapter?

hey.. read the man page on "netdate"

On 19-Apr-98 Yaron wrote:
>   Hi,
> Does anyone have a recomendation for the 'ultimate' display adapter
> supported by XFree? It seems the S3V server doesn't like my S3Virge card
> all that much, and the SVGA server is just way, WAY too slow. The
> extentions Vmware's server adds are unsupported by my card, too, for some
> reason. I was thinking of getting a Riva 128 Velocity AGP card like I have
> at work, but I thought I'd ask people if they have any better suggestions
> first.
> I'd rather get a card that Vmware has a server for. That '3dlabs' looks
> interesting, but I'm afraid I'm _really_ outdated on video hardware...
> -Yaron
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