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Re: [TCLUG:5416] flushing the buffer

Tim Wilson wrote:
> I made a change to a web page on my server at school today, but the
> changes aren't showing up on the page. More accurately, I made a change,
> checked it, realized there was a mistake, went back and fixed the mistake,
> checked it again, and realized that the mistake was still being displayed
> in my browser. Hitting 'reload' didn't fix it. 

Hi Tim,

I noticed something strange about Navigator that may be the
source of your problem.  Navigator does not seem to check for
time stamp, but rather goes by the file size.  Maybe that's http,
I don't know.  Anyway, try adding a gratuitous space or linefeed
somewhere in your document, save it, then try reloading it in
your browser.  Kind of silly, but it worked for me.