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Re: [TCLUG:5416] flushing the buffer

On Mon, 19 Apr 1999, Tim Wilson wrote:
> Greetings *,
> I made a change to a web page on my server at school today, but the
> changes aren't showing up on the page. More accurately, I made a change,
> checked it, realized there was a mistake, went back and fixed the mistake,
> checked it again, and realized that the mistake was still being displayed
> in my browser. Hitting 'reload' didn't fix it. I went back and looked at
> the file to make sure that the changes were saved, and they were. When I
> hit 'view source' in the browser it displays the old version of the page.
> Is the old version being cached on the server? How can I force it to write
> the changes to disk if that's the problem? You can see the offending page
> at

If you're using Netscape, try Shift-Reload. (i.e. hold down the shift key
while you click the reload button.)  This will force a reload even
if there is a cached version.


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