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Re: [TCLUG:5423] Red Hat Road Tour (fwd)


Red Hat Road Show, huh? Hmmm.......I don't know if we want to get involved
with this...I mean it sounds cool, But I have no clue how to go about 
this. I suppose if someone wanted to get in touch with Red Hat, I have
connections at both The Downtown Hilton and Hyatt, those being the only
hotels in the area  that would have 500-1000 people capacity for a singlew
event, and I could give them some names and number to call to arrange 
meeting space. Beyond that, the U is the only other place with auditoriums
large enough....anyone know who to talk to to get those two big lecture halls
in EECsci, oohh, or even Willey Hall, if they can have Psych 1001 in that
room they could host this.

just a thought,
Joe Laha

"I ain't got time to bleed!"
--Jesse Ventura, Govenor of Minnesota