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Re: [TCLUG:5340] Communicator 4.0 vs. 4.5

John R Sheets wrote:
> Anyway, it sounds like 4.51 is fairly reliable, so I'll probably
> go ahead and upgrade to it.

Okay, I did that, with
'communicator-v451-export_x86-unknown-linux2.0.tar.LZH' from the
Netscape site.  Install went fine, only now the date stamps for all my
messages are showing up in GMT, rather than CDT like they used to be.

For example, the field

   Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 16:36:28 -0500 (CDT)

shows up as 21:36.

Here's my clock:

$ date
Mon Apr 19 17:51:10 CDT 1999
$ date -u
Mon Apr 19 22:51:12 UTC 1999

Any ideas?  I didn't see anywhere in Communicator's preferences where
you can specify which time zone you want the dates displayed in.  Where
does it find this info?  Hopefully it's not hardcoded into the