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RH5.9 Beta frezee on the Dell 133

I brought RH5.9 beta that I got from Cheap Byte. It comes with very nice
interface, Gnore and KDE. I installed it on my Dell Dimension 133. But it
freezes everytime after I login and just start to use it. Make the system
completely useless. Does anybody have the same problem with RH5.9beta.
I believe this is a problem with RH5.9 not with Dell. I installed RH5.2 on
it before, Soundcard, Video card, Modem works great.

BTW, How much does this Dell worth? Does anybody want to buy it. I can load
the RH5.2 with it.
 It has:
1. 64M RAM
2. SoundBlaster16 Soundcard.
3. USRobotic28.8K modem
4. 2M S3 video card.
5. 133Mhz CPU.
6. 2G Westen Digital hard drive.
8.Minitower case
Install RH5.2 on it is really easy. RH5.2 would find every card and
automatically config them.