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Re: [TCLUG:5552] Sad News - "Vent"

You know, this is very scary...the idiots at Paragon can't even get my 
cable box working.  I don't want to imagine the ways they could screw up a 
cable modem.  Also US West may be greedy but Paragon takes the greed to new 
heights.  I called them about my cable box not working, they sent someone 
out and then charged me $30 to replace their faulty equipment.  Then the 
cable box stopped working again about 2 weeks later.

>I can't get DSL where I'm at either so I decided to check into cable
>modems.  I don't know who your cable provider might be, but the one in
>this area is Paragon.  I called them just yesterday about cable modem
>service.  They said that they originally had not planned to roll out
>such service until next year, but since so many people had called about
>it (probably all of us who can't get DSL), they decided to roll it out
>That's all I know.  I don't have dates, areas of service, cost or
>anything else.  They said they'd get back to me within a week with more
>You may want to a hold of your cable provider and see what they have to