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Re: [TCLUG:5552] Sad News - "Vent"

Has anyone scanned the ports for the cable modem providers in Mpls/St Paul?

I'm moving there sometime in the next year or so and was wondering about
what ports they crimp.  Dude in Duluth said he could serve nothing.  That is
what Roadrunner (Time Warner cable) says here, but all they actually have
crimped is port 25 (a real bitch IMO).  They say you can't host websites,
but I've had one for six months and all is well--albeit the traffic I get is
quite small and if I started getting thousands of hits a day they might get
a bit pissed.  Biggest bitch was setting up an auto updater to a static page
somewhere to be my doorway because Time Warner only offers residents dynamic

Funny thing is if they would just monitor bandwidth use they would find out
that offering websites takes up far less B/W than the damn push news deals
like Pointcast.  My neighbor likes to ping those folks into oblivion.

BTW, my downloads tend to be about 200k sec with some d/l up to 600k from
places like Ohio State's FTP server.  Not quite as good with u/l, but not a
big difference.  Now if they would just offer me a static IP address for a
reasonable price.

I have heard bad things about average connect speeds to and from
Minneapolis/St Paul.  Something about all feeds coming from one pipe from
Chicago....  I think Mpls/StP were third slowest cities in the country on

Have they rectified this at all?


>From: Bob Tanner <>
>Subject: Re: [TCLUG:5552] Sad News - "Vent"
>Date: Tue, Apr 27, 1999, 8:36 AM

> Quoting Peter Lukas (
>> Hey, if it makes you feel any better, I've been consistently 15,035 ft
>> from my CO (15000 needed to qualify) and they still won't let me have the
>> service.  What's worse yet, I work for US West and they still won't do it.
> Well, I have a client that was 17,254 ft from the CO and there where load
> coils (whatever they are) and he just kept calling, complaining, letters, etc.
> And guess what? He is not a 256K DSL customer.
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