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Cafe Latte Meeting

Where: Cafe Latte on the corner of Victoria and Grand
When: Wed May 5 around 7 to 8
Why you should come:
  . There's no meeting this Saturday
  . It's a different time and location than usual meetings.
  . Talk about the library donations, bring manuals you're
     willing to donate (like RedHat 4.2 guides, yech).
  . I don't think they have Chicken and Jalapen~o pizza, but
     they do have a nice deli counter with coffee and such.
  . Trade hardware out of your trunk and hope the police aren't
  . Shop talk, shop talk, shop talk.
  . etc...

Adam Moshier

Cafe Latte		(612) 224-5687
850 Grand Av		
St Paul MN 55105	SE corner of Victoria and Grand

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