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Re: [TCLUG:3866] Fixed (sort of) -- Multiple NE2000 cards

On Tue, 2 Feb 1999, Michael Hicks wrote:

> Here's the predicament:  Right now, only two systems are 'alive' -- one
> 486 (with the two ethernet cards, with RedHat 5.1), and the Pentium
> system (Running Win95.. Probably should have tried booting Linux and
> using the tools on it..  oh well).  We set up IP Masquerading with the
> following commands:
> ipfwadm -F -p deny
> ipfwadm -F -a m -S -D
> The Win95 ( system can ping the 486 (, and
> also the 486's other ethernet card.  The Win95 system cannot send
> packets any farther than that..  The RedHat system can ping anything it
> wants (well, within reason ;-) -- the Win95 system and anything out on
> the 'wide world' of the Internet..

RedHat has a line in a file somewhere in /etc/sysconfig, I believe it's
/etc/sysconfig/network, that has a line something like IPFORWARD=OFF by
default, I changed that to ON and rebooted.  For some reson, simply
restarting networking didn't work.  But after the reboot, IP Masquerading
was working.  I have my ipfwadm commands in my /etc/rc.d/rc.local so they
would run automatically when the system came up.

I've set up IP masquerading on both Slackware and RedHat systems, and the
only difference in configuring the two systems was that one line and the
(seemingly) required reboot.  My connection to the Internet is through a
modem, rather than an Ethernet card, but I think it should work the same
way for both. 

There is also a checkbox for this in netcfg, which can be reached from the
control-panel applet.  If you check the box, and click save, it will make
the necessary change to the config file for you.

Good luck,