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Re: [TCLUG:3963] new distribution

RedHat (and mirrors) already lets you do this.

As a test of my cable modem, I tried loading 5.2 to an alternate set of
partitions by doing an ftp-install from one of the RedHat mirrors.  You
first need to download and cut two boot disks.  Then, boot using the first
disk and load the second after booting.  Right up front, you need to answer
a question like "Are you doing a FTP install and if so, where's the
archive?"  Once you get the FTP connection set up properly, it's a standard
(if slightly slower than CD) RedHat install.  Via cable modem, it took a
little over an hour (in the middle of the night with a close & fast FTP

Serge M. Egelman wrote:
> hey all,
>     A friend and I just thought of a really cool idea, we're thinking of
> making our own distribution.  But we need to do something that hasn't been
> done yet, and I thought of it:
> What would you guys think of a distribution that is setup over the web?  You
> put in a bootdisk (preferably a bootable CDROM), and then launch netscape on
> another machine on the lan and configure the install from there.  Of course,
> the machine will output a status type thing to the monitor and other sorts
> of misc info.  Does anyone think this would work?
> serge