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Re: [TCLUG:4042] Decent Epson Stylus drivers?

> Recently I got an Epson Stylus 640 inkjet printer. I got an Epson because
> I'd already had an HP before. Anyway, Red Hat 5.2's printer filters for it
> can only go up to 360dpi, and that prints in really horrible quality
> (there's no "Stylus 640" or even 600. Had to use "Stylus Color").

Heh..  Well, I guess the quality isn't exactly excellent, but I can get
it to print at 720x720 by tweaking the drivers..  You have to add in an
extra '-r720x720' onto the command line.  There is some documentation
about it in /usr/doc/ghostscript-<blah>

You may want to make sure you have the latest drivers available from
RedHat (check
> Worse than that, WordPerfect 8 for Linux doesn't seem to include ANY epson
> drivers except for Epson Lasers, nor does it include a Generic
> Postscript!

There _is_ an option for a relatively generic PostScript..  I believe it
is defined as "Postscript <something>" rather than "Generic Postscript",
so you may have been looking in the wrong spot..

> Anyone have any suggestions? I'm THIS close to _really_ not needing Doze.

Go bug Epson?  I dunno..  I think I've sent them a quick e-mail about
it, but I'm not entirely sure.  It'd be great to see printer
manufacturers help out Linux users..

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