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Re: [TCLUG:4004] my sound died

> On Sun, Feb 07, 1999 at 03:34:17PM -0600, Ben Luey wrote:
> > awe_wave'  I get "Device or resource busy" How can I find out what program
> > is using the device (which I believe is causing all my problems). I did
> > 'ps aux' but I don't see anything sound related (esd isn't loaded or
> > anything). Any ideas?
> > 
> have you tried using 'fuser /dev/dsp' ... this should give you the pid of the
> process using the device.  if that does not work i would recommend getting
> 'lsof', an excellent program i use on almost a daily basis.  its even handy
> for finding out what programs are running on your open ports.

fuser /dev/dsp gives nothing (for for /dev/audio, /dev/dsp1, etc). I
changed my /boot/ file and now lsof works, but I don't know how
to use it to find out what is stopping mp3's from playing. I greped
~/.lsof_pclueyb for dsp and got:

e03 8240 /dev/dsp
e13 8241 /dev/dsp1  

put 824[01] aren't valid pids. Any ideas? (or should I just give in and


Ben Luey
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