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Re: [TCLUG:4058] cvs "space" hosting

Real Time has a cvs server, but I never thought about offering it as a
service :-)

Real Time currently maintains the vanilla netrek server, inl netrek
server and COW netrek client all in cvs.

But the access to the machine is very restrictive. It is behind a
firewall and the only port open on the firewall is the cvs port. This
is my attempt to try to keep the server as secure as possible.

Do you understand cvs well enough to do all you need to do with the
cvs command space and only the cvs command space?

Quoting (
> Anybody know of any sites that let you have a cvs account/space
> like ftp/web space. 
> I would like to be able to maintain some code to allow
> a others to checkin/checkout and maintain a bug tracking 
> system.
> The way we work now is to transfer files to each other 
> using e-mail and having procmail/ftp scripts to keep all 
> the files in sync. 
> It would be nice to get cvs, a bug reporting and a task management
> system for being able to work on projects when people are not
> all in the same place. 
> We are also trying to see if we can come up with such a bundle.
> But not sure if it is something terribly useful to people.
> Thanks,
> sandipan
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