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Re: [TCLUG:4058] cvs "space" hosting

I know my way around cvs. I was the CM administrator
in a company I used to work in earlier and we used CVS. 
But I am not sure I can vouch for the others that would 
need to be able to checkin and checkout files.  I do not 
know them personally and we just happen to be working on something

I am also trying to get a php/cgi interface to cvs to be
able to administer cvs from a browser using http authentication
so as not to have to run the cvs server at all. But I have 
quite a ways to go with it before it is ready. That way all
I would need is web space and cgi, which is easier to get
from an isp.

thanks anyway.

Bob Tanner wrote:
> Real Time has a cvs server, but I never thought about offering it as a
> service :-)
> Real Time currently maintains the vanilla netrek server, inl netrek
> server and COW netrek client all in cvs.
> But the access to the machine is very restrictive. It is behind a
> firewall and the only port open on the firewall is the cvs port. This
> is my attempt to try to keep the server as secure as possible.
> Do you understand cvs well enough to do all you need to do with the
> cvs command space and only the cvs command space?
> Quoting (
> > Anybody know of any sites that let you have a cvs account/space
> > like ftp/web space.
> >
> > I would like to be able to maintain some code to allow
> > a others to checkin/checkout and maintain a bug tracking
> > system.
> >
> > The way we work now is to transfer files to each other
> > using e-mail and having procmail/ftp scripts to keep all
> > the files in sync.
> >
> > It would be nice to get cvs, a bug reporting and a task management
> > system for being able to work on projects when people are not
> > all in the same place.
> >
> > We are also trying to see if we can come up with such a bundle.
> > But not sure if it is something terribly useful to people.
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