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RE: [TCLUG:4043] symbol font in X

---"Schlough, Mark (NM IT)" <> wrote:
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> > From:	Tim Sandquist []
> > Sent:	Tuesday, February 09, 1999 9:37 PM
> > To:
> > Subject:	Re: [TCLUG:4043] symbol font in X
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> > I should have looked for the program before I sent
> > my last email.  The program is xfstt.
> > 
> 	[Schlough, Mark]  
> 	I tried installing it, it crashed my Xserver.  It's XFree86 3.3.3.
> 	It appeared to want the same port as Sybase: port 7100.  I couldn't
> figure out how to configure it with another port, couldn't decide if
> was really the problem.
> 	Any pointers about ports and compatiblity...
> 	Also, I couldn't figure out what to do with mkfontdir.  How do  I
> tell it to look for my fonts?
> 	Thanks

I'm not sure how to change the port number, maybe
there is a compile-time option.  The fonts go in
/usr/ttfonts.  You can put a link to the Windows
fonts dir in there too.

What was the error when the X server crashed?
Did it fail to set the default fontpath?

There are other options for TTF fonts in X.
xfstt is just the one that works for me.

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