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Re: [TCLUG:4063] More libs problems (

Sometimes I just copy the old/new library over to the missing one
and rename it. Some programs seem to be happy with it and yet others 
still complain and crash on me. 

The problem I find with building libraries is that I cannot get the
RPM database in sync (I am sure there is a way.) and also when I
upgrade I usually have to build everything again. It is discomforting
to have to make and install about 20 other libraries just to 
get a the latest tools to function properly, and then again with
some libraries it is impossible to get backward compatibilty.

But usually things compile pretty smoothly.

Does anybody know of any user friendly tools to be
use autoconf/automake/gettext without having to know 
so many details ?

Brady Hegberg wrote:
> I'm a little nervous about doing this since I've never compiled anything on
> Linux before but the main reason I haven't done something like this is that
> I've heard installing programs by hand can result in problems in your RPM
> database.  I haven't figured out if this is a big deal or not.
> >Well it appears that the only thing you haven't tried is compilingthe libs
> >and installing them...  Sure it takes a few hours to compile, but why not
> >give it a shot?