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More libs problems (

I think I fixed my ncurses versions problems (less works but man still
won't run) but my current lib problem is that I'm getting an error saying
that I need seems to be installed properly and is
part of glibc.  When I searched for info on deja-news I found that a number
of other people have had the same problem.  None of them seem to have
recieved answers however.

I checked RPMFind yesterday and it said that was part of
glibc.2.0.7-111.src.rpm (or something close to that) but the file itself
wasn't there.  Also I'm confused why it skipped from 2.0.7-19 or so to
2.0.7-111.  Was 2.0.7-111 a sort of 2.1 pre release?  Does anyone know
where I can find the right rpm?  Maybe it's in glibc-2.1?  But I can't find
an rpm for this...

I'm starting to realize that sometimes lib rpms need to be installed with a
-Uvh (uninstall and reinstall) and sometimes with an -ivh (install 2
versions of the package) but I'm pretty confused about how to tell which is
appropriate when.  Is there a way to tell without having to repeatedly
reinstall old libs?

thanks for any clues,