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Forcing window dimensions in WindowMaker

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Anybody know how I might force a window to be a certain size in
WindowMaker ? The program is specifically the Citrix WinFrame ICA client
for Linux .. which I'd bet not many of you have / use.

What I -want- to do is force this ICA window to be full-screen,
overlapping everything else, at  1024x768. It does respond to the
standard -geometry 1024x768-0-0, but ..  when it sets itself to that size,
X itself shrinks the window a wee bit and centers it on the screen (I say
X because it'll do it even if I don't load a window manager) (X is running
at 1024x768 as well) so it shrinks the window a bit so I get this nasty
scrollbar inside it, which is really obnoxious.

I've tried turning off the ICA window's titlebar / resize bar and
unchecking the 'Keep Inside Screen' box on the window's WM attributes, to
no avail.

Actually, I'd be willing to run a second X session with any window
manager, as long as I could run this at 1024x768 (with X at the same res)
without having to see an underlying wm.

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