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Re: [TCLUG:4115] Anyone know more about SuperLine internetaccess?

Using a macro-virus ridden document format to disseminate information
is dangerous and evil!

But seriously folks, don't use Word to view received Word documents
unless you _know_ Word. Most of the others are just fine. But then the
advantages over straight text or any other more portable format are
gone (as if they were ever there).

Anyway, that whole thing gets away from what you are asking people to
do when you give them a strangely formatted document. If they don't
have a viewer, they must download and install it just to see what the
heck you are talking about.

That's something an unthinking customer of mine would do, but a
mailing list pal? No, that would be rude.

That is just my opinion, but note that it is colored by my hate for
Word and it's ever-changing, lame, and binary format. I mean to offend
no one. :)


>>> Yaron <> 02/12 11:18 AM >>>

On Fri, 12 Feb 1999, Peter Lukas wrote:

> Thanks for the info, but how many people on a Linux mailing list do
> expect to be able to read the MS-Word document!  :-)

All the ones who have downloaded the free versions of StarOffice, or
Wordperfect, or MSWordView, or have gotten Word/Wordpad/Wordview to
under Wine.

There are plently of ways to read MS-Whatever thinggies under Linux



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