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Soundcard IRQ Problem

I bought a new soundcard (a Soundblaster PCI128) the other day and tried to
install it.  When I booted the BIOS and Linux both seemed to recognize that
there was something there though I don't know how to tell *what* they
recognized.  After booting neither my soundcard nor my modem nor my NIC worked.

When I removed the soundcard my NIC started working but my modem still
failed.  I had to remove the modem and reboot then put it back in and
reboot again to make it start working.  I tried excluding the Modem IRQ (4)
from PCI using BIOS settings but that didn't seem to help (maybe I'll try
this again just to make sure.)

I think I'll try inserting the sound card then booting into DOS and run MSD
to see if it can tell me what's happening to the IRQs.  Does anyone have
any other advice?