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RE: [TCLUG:4133] Soundcard IRQ Problem

	I noticed there don't seem to be any drivers for Creative Labs video
cards either.  Or is that likely to change now too?

	I have a CL Banshee AGP card, and much to my disappointment, it
doesn't work so great with my new RH configuration.  The fact that I'm using
the 2.0.36 kernel, and don't know what I'm doing probably doesn't help
either. :P

	BTW, in RH 5.2 I can't get my control panel to open.  I get an error
about not able to reach depth of something like that.  Sound familiar to

> Is this one of the SoundBlaster Live cards?  I've heard that they don't
> work (although they probably will, since Creative hired someone to write
> Linux drivers..)
> --