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Re: [TCLUG:4074] Forcing window dimensions in WindowMaker

On Wed, 10 Feb 1999, Michael Hicks wrote:

> > Anybody know how I might force a window to be a certain size in
> > WindowMaker ? The program is specifically the Citrix WinFrame ICA client
> > for Linux .. which I'd bet not many of you have / use.

I use it!  

I presume you mean setting up the winframe session so that is shows the
server screen in 640x480/800x600/etc... 

All you have to do is edit the profile for the server you are accessing,
and change the resolution you want it to connect at. 

If this is not what you mean; then I don't really know...  I think because
Citrix connects at a standard "PC" compatible resolution, it will probably
not allow you to change the size (since it is using a 1 to 1 pixel
mapping).  Even if it did let you change the size, it would look weird, so
it is probably better off sticking with the 1 to 1 ratio...