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Re: [TCLUG:4161] Another problem nixed

cool ! <--- been following the thread for the whole 24 hours I've been on the

   Well, since yer connected with linux... I have a TCP/IP problem....
I can't seem to connect to my other ISP thru Linux. I THINK I have ppp set up
I have the DNSs in resolv.conf, and I'm trying to connect thru kppp. I was
trying to use PAP tho I now find out that they use CHAP instead. Is there
anything special I have to do for this?
  Also they have scripts for use with ppp and slip. I can't connect to the
server that has those scripts to DL. Netscape and IE (thru AOL) both say that
the server could not be located, so I'm assuming it's down. Is there another
place I can get samples I can modify with my DNS and mail IPs?