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Re: linux, ppp, DNS problem

Can you connect at all when you try to using kppp ? 
Look at the log file in 
/var/log/messages for outputs from chat/pppd.

Or when you think you are connected run the 
/sbin/ifconfig  program. It should show up the "ppp0"
as an interface that is up and running.

See if this is marked as the default interface. If you
set up your ppp connection using the 

You can set it up for pap or chap and also for
a server defined IP address. Also turn on the 
debugging so you can follow what is going on in the 
/var/log/messages file. You can get some idea
of what could be going wrong from that output.

Hope this helps,
sandipan wrote:
> cool ! <--- been following the thread for the whole 24 hours I've been on the
> list.
>    Well, since yer connected with linux... I have a TCP/IP problem....
> I can't seem to connect to my other ISP thru Linux. I THINK I have ppp set up
> right.
> I have the DNSs in resolv.conf, and I'm trying to connect thru kppp. I was
> trying to use PAP tho I now find out that they use CHAP instead. Is there
> anything special I have to do for this?
>   Also they have scripts for use with ppp and slip. I can't connect to the
> server that has those scripts to DL. Netscape and IE (thru AOL) both say that
> the server could not be located, so I'm assuming it's down. Is there another
> place I can get samples I can modify with my DNS and mail IPs?
>    TIA
>    Glen