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Re: [TCLUG:4161] Another problem nixed (OSS?)

Yeah, OSS has all the features of the kernel drivers, plus full-duplex
support on some cards. It also supports a bunch of other stuff most people
will probably never use. OSS is fully compatible with the kernel drivers;
if something works with them, they will work with OSS (especially now
considering 2.2 uses OSS/Free as it's sound drivers). IMHO, the best
advantage is the installation (easy for anyone, autodetection, etc); and
the biggest disadvantage is the fact that it isn't free/open-source ($29..
not bad at all). Just my $.02

Nate Carlson
the infinite loop

On Mon, 15 Feb 1999, Brady Hegberg wrote:

> Off the subject of this thread a bit but I was wondering if you could tell
> me what the advantages/disadvantages of using OSS are.  
> I have a soundcard that I apparently can't get to work without upgrading my
> kernel (Soundblaster PCI128 which is really a Ensoniq but Creative sells it
> under the Soundblaster name.)  I thought I'd wait awhile  before I switch
> to 2.2.  So I was going to pick up OSS but am I going to be able to do all
> the normal stuff using OSS?
> Thanks,
> Brady
> >It's a commercial sound system for linux. If your sound card works, 
> >it'll work with OSS. Give it a shot... you can
> >download a demo.. I personally just use it to test the sound card if I
> >have trouble getting kernel drivers working.
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