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InstallFest - March 6th

Hey everybody,

Just thought I'd add my $0.02 to Clay's announcement of the InstallFest.

We'll be using the same facility that we've used in the past. There's
plenty of counter space so feel free to bring your systems. I'll have
the lastest version of RedHat available for local network installs. As
I've mentioned in the past, our ISP is virtually empty on the weekends
since it serves schools. As a result, we can get some pretty nice
download speeds overall the ol' T1.

I'd like to make the event as useful as possible to everyone so please
feel free to let me know what you'd like. Specifically:

1. Is there anything I can download for you and put on my ftp server?
Some large programs (StarOffice comes to mind) seem to download slowly
even over a T1. I'll try to mirror the latest KDE and Gnome packages.

2. Do we need to have food available? Perhaps we could do a mass order
from Papa John's or something.

3. What can I set up that would make it easier for everyone? Any ideas?

Turnout was great at our last one. I think we had about 35 names on the
sign-in sheet. Let's go for more this time. The "official" times for the
InstallFest will be noon-5pm, but as in the past the lab will be open by
10am for those who like to get an early start.


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