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RE: [TCLUG:4287] Web hosting for the common man

> What does everyone else do?  Can I do it on my home system?  Is
> that possible with a cable modem?  (After a brief inquiry to
> MediaOne, I'm thinking it's not.)  Is ISDN my only hope here?
> Any other ideas?  Or do ya just have to be lucky enough to know
> someone with a T1 to hang your domain servers on?

	ADSL, if it's available in your area, is your best bet for home servers
(short of a T1).  My housemates & I share a domain on a single ADSL
connection -- about a half-dozen servers so far.  Cable modems won't let you
use a fixed IP at present, so that's pretty much out.  ISDN will work, but
it's usually pricier and less reliable than ADSL.
	Another solution that might interest you: in St. Paul has a
roomful of server lockers -- you supply the PC, they lock it up in a little
cage and hook it into their T1 for you to manage remotely -- they'll also
help you out with domain hosting, etc.  It's a decent compromise -- you own
& control the server, the cost is reasonable, they give you a set of keys
that will allow you to physically go hammer on the machine if necessary.  I
think other places may offer similar services, but I've personally had great
luck with gofast, so I'm always eager to give 'em a plug.


Eric Hillman
CCCU -- UNIX Sysadmin
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