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Web hosting for the common man

What are my options for permanent web hosting, other than having
an ISP do all the work?  I'm thinking about registering my own
domain, but I really don't need (nor want) someone else to do all
my administration.  If I go for virtual web hosting through my
current ISP, PC Online, I'm limited to a certain amount of web
space (well, 100MB), 6 email addresses, and 10,000 hits per
month.  That in itself isn't bad, and would certainly cover my
needs.  However, it takes the admin out of my hands.  I'd rather
be able to tweak the web server and create my own email accounts
at will, rather than emailing tech support until someone gets
around to it.  Not to mention the extra monthly charge for admin.

What does everyone else do?  Can I do it on my home system?  Is
that possible with a cable modem?  (After a brief inquiry to
MediaOne, I'm thinking it's not.)  Is ISDN my only hope here? 
Any other ideas?  Or do ya just have to be lucky enough to know
someone with a T1 to hang your domain servers on?