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Re: [TCLUG:4260] InstallFest - March 6th

On Wed, 24 Feb 1999, David Carter wrote:

> > 2. Do we need to have food available? Perhaps we could do a mass order
> > from Papa John's or something.
> It *would* be nice, since in the past, no one ever remembered to order
> anything...

Maybe I just need to show people where the phones are. :-) Actually, the
pizza joints do deliver to Sibley so we can get some orders together.

> Set up an LPR print queue that everyone can print to (i.e. add all IPs
> to the hosts.lpd file) to make things easier if people need hardcopy.

Good idea. Does anyone know how to specify a range of IPs in the hosts.lpd
file instead of listing each one individually?

> How many monitors will you have available?  It'd really make things
> easier if I could leave mine at home.  (I'm assuming the monitors you
> have are standard SVGA...)

I don't have as many monitors lying around as I used to, but I've got a
half dozen or so that aren't doing much besides sitting on a pallet.


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