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Sirs -
  I am looking into Linux for personal and commercial use
I have a number of rather inane questions I'd prefer not
to post to newsgroups.  And some deep ones a little more
knowledge would help me express better.  Is there anyone
who might be willing to answer such questions?

Summary of immediate questions:
1.  Text Editor.  pico, vi and emacs all suck.  Is there a
work alike - identical keystroke, etc. to the bp ide text
editor available.  Or for X, something similar to Winedit
or ultraedit w/ dos, mac and unix detection and conversion?
Learning a new text editor is awful and switching between
them is extremely annoying.

2.  I believe I followed instructions and recompiled the kernel
thrice to try to get my SB16 working under Linux.  It does
fine as /dev/audio, but under fvwm and boing and quake,
it doesn't make a peep.

3.  My immediate purpose is to set up a RH5.1 box as a
gateway, firewall, proxy  and web server.  I believe I have
enough info to do this, but anyone who has could offer

4.  Long-term, a device driver and application for some
proprietary motion control hardware  is an important project.

  Thank you.  --krb