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RE: [TCLUG:4327] Hello

#1: pico, vi, and emacs are all good editors (pico being the least usefull)
the fact that they have different keyboard shortcuts does not make them any
less usefull.. check out xemacs.. it's a little easier to use, and ANY
keystroke can be remaped to whatever you need.. (but it's far more usefull to
learn the existing setup)  the reason that these editors are there, and don't
try and emulate other editors is because they try and strive to be better, or
serv different uses.  I personaly switch between vi and xemacs all the time.

#2: if you are using redhat 5.1, and the default source that comes with that
distro, you may have a slightly older sound setup. you may have missed an
option.  the easiest thing to do is download the latest kernel source from (you may want to use 2.0.x at this point in your experience)

#3: check out the ip_masq home page.. and the squid home page.  I don't have
URL's memorized.. a little bit of surfing should bring them up

#4: check out the a recent issue of the linux journal.. it has a large article
on realtime processing for linux.

other suggestions.. get a redhat 5.2 CD from for $2

On 25-Feb-99 Keith R. Bolson wrote:
> Sirs -
>   I am looking into Linux for personal and commercial use
> I have a number of rather inane questions I'd prefer not
> to post to newsgroups.  And some deep ones a little more
> knowledge would help me express better.  Is there anyone
> who might be willing to answer such questions?
> Summary of immediate questions:
> 1.  Text Editor.  pico, vi and emacs all suck.  Is there a
> work alike - identical keystroke, etc. to the bp ide text
> editor available.  Or for X, something similar to Winedit
> or ultraedit w/ dos, mac and unix detection and conversion?
> Learning a new text editor is awful and switching between
> them is extremely annoying.
> 2.  I believe I followed instructions and recompiled the kernel
> thrice to try to get my SB16 working under Linux.  It does
> fine as /dev/audio, but under fvwm and boing and quake,
> it doesn't make a peep.
> 3.  My immediate purpose is to set up a RH5.1 box as a
> gateway, firewall, proxy  and web server.  I believe I have
> enough info to do this, but anyone who has could offer
> suggestions.
> 4.  Long-term, a device driver and application for some
> proprietary motion control hardware  is an important project.
>   Thank you.  --krb
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