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Mail failure

TO: Christopher McKinley                                       DATE: 02-25-99
                                                               TIME: 20:28
SUBJECT: Mail failure

[002] Mail was received that was addressed to unknown addresses.
Mail item was not delivered to:

   From: Christopher McKinley []
     To: tclug-list []
   Date: 1999-02-25 20:35
Subject:  Re: [TCLUG:4325] domain name serving question.


You say that you have registered the domain name.  What did you put down
for your nameservers?  If you put your ISP, then they have to do it, and
they should be fairly responsive to this kind of request -- unless they
are USWest and have no clue as to what they are doing.  If you picked
two of your systems, then you need to run some kind of DNS service (I
recommend using BINDv8).  In that case, your question is beyond the
scope of this list, and I recommend getting _DNS_and_BIND_, 3rd Ed. from
O'Reilly by Paul Albitz and Cricket Liu.  If you want to use your own
DNS servers but put your ISP's numbers in there, you need to change that
with NIS on their webpage.  Also, I suggest that let your ISP know about
this anyway so that they can maintain the reverse lookup tables (IP addr
to hostname) properly.  But go with someone other than USWest, as they
are very easily confused.


Sandipan Panigrahi wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to help a friend with his domain name setup.
> And I have a very basic question that I have gotten pretty
> confused with.
> We have registered the domain name and have
> 2 name servers serving up this name.  What do we have to
> do get any name ending with to be routed to the
> same machine.
> Do we have to ask our DNS host to add each new host as
> and when we need them or is it possible for them to send
> anything of the type * to our server ?
> Do we have to setup a domain name server for
> domain and resolve names for that or am I totally confused
> and crazed :?  I am guessing that the DNS host has to have
> some kind of forwarding setup for us to manage all *
> names ourselves. If so what would it be ?
> I perused the DNS-HOWTO but I was not able to answer the
> above question from that.
> Thanks for any help.
> --
> sandipan
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