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Hello all,

I've been goofing around trying to upgrade some of the libraries I'm

I just moved to glibc.  There was a "how to", so I had the benefit of
someone's experience with that.  Everything went according to how the
doc said it should.

Next, I'm trying to upgrade glib & gkt.

After grabbing the source, I started working to get it up and running.

Working on glib first.  I ran ./configure, make, make check (all tests
passed) and finally make install.

Then I ran ldconfig.  It complained about libgmodule's appearing to be
for multiple libc's.

I figured I might have not "cleaned up" enough, and maybe had a
version of the old glib/gtk stuff somewhere.  I went through my
system, and deleted (I know, maybe not the smartest thing to do, but
I'm Ok with rebuilding this box if I have to...).

After deleting the old stuff, I ran ldconfig again, with no error

Then, re- ./configure, make,make check (all test passed), and make
install'd glib over again.

Ran ldconfig again, and got the same message.

ldconfig: warning: /usr/local/lib/ appears to be for
multiple libc's
ldconfig: warning: /usr/local/lib/ appears to
be for multiple libc's
ldconfig: warning: /usr/local/lib/ appears to be
for multiple libc's

Now, it looks as if it may be a libc <??> thing as opposed to glib
<???>???  How is the relationship between the two?  If all went well
upgrading to glibc according to the howto, shouldn't I be Ok?

Am I safe to assume that this is related to the stuff I'm doing with
glib, for the simple fact that the message from ldconfig started
showing up immediately after the build?  Or are there other things I
should check?

Any ideas/suggestions??

Thanks for any help!!

Scott K. Johnson