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Re: [TCLUG:4352] Installing new perl.

The RPM facility in RedHat will do all that for you. You do not
have to remove any links manually, and perl by itself supports
multiple versions being installed at the same time.

Just download the version of perl that you need in an RPM format
and run "rpm --upgrade on the rpm file."  To remove a particular
software pacakge installed through RPM all you have to do is run
"rpm --erase perl"
"rpm -q perl" will give you the version of perl that you have
installed on your machine. You can download a later version of
perl from the redhat site itself or from in the RPM

Actually the version of perl that is shipped with Redhat5.0 has
a bug and so it does not work as expected with minivend. I am 
quite sure that if you picked up the exact same version/build of
perl from you would have the same problem too. 

Hope this helps..

rtp wrote:
> I've settled on MiniVend ( as my shopping cart. MiniVend
> appears to be a robust package that includes source code and it's free.
> I don't know if anyone else from the list is using it but I'd love to
> hear some comments.
> Apparently MiniVend requires a version of perl which is different than
> that which RedHat includes with their distribution. I had no idea RH
> shipped something different than what is offered from the site.
> I've found my error messages on the minivend mailing list and they
> appear to confirm that I am having a typical non compatible Perl